NRL Round 11 advanced statistics – Involvement Rate

Round 11 is complete and it’s time to look at another advanced statistic, this time Involvement Rate. If you’re new to the site, there’s a primer on Involvement Rate in the articles section which will explain this statistic in more detail.

Here’s the top 20 chart for Involvement rate for all players for Round 11

Rhys Kennedy also locks up the all minutes Involvement Rate chart, purely from his limited minute performance against the Storm, involved in nearly 30% of all plays whilst on the field. Jai Whitbread from the Titans was the only other player above 25% for the round.

Here’s the top 20 for Involvement Rate from players who played at least 40 minutes

Canberra’s Ryan Sutton put in the most work of all players who played at least 40 minutes this round, being involved in over 23% of plays whilst on the field. Josh McGuire placed second with 22%, with Christian Welch making his regular appearance at the top of this chart at a touch under 22%.

With site favourite Daniel Alvaro joining the Warriors on loan and being named on the bench it’s quite possible we’ll see Alvaro join his regular nemesis Welch at the top of this list for the next month.

Finally for the season, and we have a tie currently between two Titans – rookie Jaimin Jolliffe and Jarrod Wallace both sitting at an involvement rate of 22.9%. Their lead is not substantial enough that they can stave off the pack – any player currently over 21% has a solid chance of picking up the top spot this season.

Nat Butcher and Lindsay Collins continue to take on a lot of the workload for the Roosters, as they continue to miss a number of key forwards. Collins in particular has been extremely impressive in limited or extended minutes, and has shaped as one of the most improved players this season.