NRL Round 11 advanced statistics – Run %

Round 11 is complete, meaning we can now look back at the advanced statistics I use to track players through the season. The first up is Run %, and if you’re new to the site you can find a primer here.

Here’s the Top 20 all minutes chart for Round 11

Royce Hunt absolutely smashed the rest of the competition, not only sporting a 30.5% Run %, which is unheard of from players who spend more than 10 minutes on the field, but he amassed 20 runs in 28 minutes. If you scan down the list, the only other player who put in a similar volume of Runs was Toby Rudolf, who had 5 more runs than Hunt but played another 30 minutes to do so.

Now we move on to the 40 miunte plus chart for Run %.

Dragons prop Blake Lawrie takes top spot with a Run % of 20%, meaning he completed a run on one of every five plays the Dragons had whilst he was on the field. Rudolf wasn’t far behind at 18.13%, with Martin Taupau the only other player above 17% this round.

Again you can see just how much work Hunt put in when there’s only four players who totalled 20 runs in this chart and all of them played significantly more mintues than him.

Finally the overall season chart for Run %.

As mentioned last week, this had become a two horse race between Andrew Fifita and Nelson Asofa-Solomona. Unfortunately with Fifita’s injury hes likely to drop out of the chart due to missing the minute restriction (>=20 minutes per game). The gap between third placed Francis Molo is large enough currently that I don’t expect Asofa-Solomona to be run down without injury or a serious change in role.

Usually later in the season I’ll combine a minute restriction with a minimum number of games played. In the past I’ve played with numbers between 200-300 minutes played as a minimum. Given the drop in games this season I might end up capping it at 200 minutes and/or five games played to see if that looks right starting next week. It will probably be a work in progress, much like the rules this season.