NRL Round 11 advanced statistics – Tackle %

With NRL Round 11 in the books we can update another of the advanced statistics I used to trackl player performance during the season, Tackle %. If you’re new to the site, there’s a primer in the articles section that goes into more detail on Tackle %.

Here’s the Tackle % top 20 chart for all minutes after Round 11.

Brisbane’s Rhys Kennedy topped the chart this week with a 47% tackle %, making 12 tackles in just 12 minutes against the Storm. Lindsay Collins continued his strong season with a Tackle % of 43% in just 26 minutes against the Warriors, with his team mate Poasa Faamausili not far beind at a shade under 43%.

Let’s move on to the 40 minute plus Tackle % chart

Another ROoster takes top spot for those players who spent half a game on the field, with Jake Friend sporting a Tackle % of nearly 37%, making 45 tackles in 60 minutes.

Cameron McInnes placed third with a Tackle % of 32.62%, and was one of only two 80 minute players on this list this week, the other being Jake Trbojevic who placed 19th with a Tackle % of 27.65%.

Tom Starling continues to put in a lot of work replacing Josh Hodgson, with a Tackle % of 31% in 52 minutes.

Finally here is the 2020 season chart for Tackle %

Jarrod Wallace still hangs on to first place for the season, with a tackle % of 36.73%, but he has dropped over 1% in the last week. Nat Butcher may end up catching him at this rate, currently only trailing him by 0.6%

As noted last week, rookie Jaimin Jolliffe is holding on to third spot and not slowing down, unlike Toby Rudolf who is dropping down the list with an increased role. This is unsurprising, as most interchange players generally see a drop off in effort rate as their minutes increase.