NRL Round 18 advanced stats – Involvement Rate

Involvement Rate is an advanced statistic for rugby league that I created to identify players who have a high workload but don’t play a lot of minutes. If you’re new to the site and want to understand how it works, I would recommend reading this post on Involvement Rate.

With that out of the way, here’s the all minutes leaders for Round 18

Spencer Leinu again causes some issues at the top of the chart, so lets skip him. The Tigers’ Jacob Liddle ends up in first for Round 18 with an Involvement Rate of 31.61%. A pair of Eels sit in second and third, although playing for different clubs this week. Parramatta’s Kane Evens is second with 28.49% while Daniel Alvaro playing for the Warriors had an Involvement Rate of 25.72%.

There’s that Darren Schonig again in eighth at 23.97%. Not big minutes like last time with just 16 compared to mid 30’s, but it does show a consistency of effort. Just how do the Storm find these players…

Next, we’ll look at those players who spent 40 minutes or more on field

He did it last week and he’s done it again, although in a different manner. Melbourne’s Tino Fa’asuamaleaui is top dog for the second straight week with an Involvement Rate of 23.26%. Last week his Run % led to first place, whilst this week he put in a mountain of defense at lock to claim #1. The Cowboys Josh McGuire ranked second with an Involvement Rate of 23.10% while the Raiders Hudson Young ranked third at 22.35%.

Finally, we have the leaders for Involvement Rate this season.

Jaimin Jolliffe, the Titans rookie prop maintains first place at 21.93%. Given he will miss the remainder of the season due to injury, it’s likely he’ll hang onto top spot. Jazz Tevaga looked like challenging him last week but has dropped to nearly 0.4% behind from 0.2% and may drop further if his minutes stay high. Blake Lawrie from the Dragons is third at 21.51% but has a slew of players right behind him chasing a spot on the podium.