NRL Round 7 advanced stats – Involvement Rate

It’s time to look at another advanced statistic for NRL Round 7, which is Involvement rate. Involvment Rate combines Run % and Tackle % to give a more wholistic view of player workrate. The idea is that the indiviudual Tackle % and Run % metrics are skewed by position, and combining them flattens that somewhat and also shows those players who are equally as strong on both sides of the ball

An example from my article explaining Inolvement Rate shows why combining them is important:

“Firstly, it reduces how involved Hookers are for Tackle %, since their roles are primarily about defensive and distribution with very little freedom to operate out of dummy half. It also increases involvement for edge players and fullbacks, especially those who take a lot of early hit ups bringing the ball out of their own area after a kick.

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NRL Round 7 advanced stats – Run %

Round 7 is in the books and it’s time to look at one of my advanced rugby league statistics for the Round, Run %. What is Run %? The breakdown of Run % and how it is calculated was posted to Medium in late 2019, and can also be found on the Articles section here on the Eye Test.

“(Run %) is the estimated % of team plays where a player made a run or hit up.”

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NRL Round 7 advanced stats – Tackle %

The Eye Test is back for another week are the NRL Round 7 advanced statistics. If you’re new here then here’s a rundown of how Tackle % works from an article I published in 2019:

“Tackle % is calculated by the following formula — (Player Tackles x Team Minutes)/(Player Minutes x Opponent Plays). Opponent Plays is the key factor in this equation as it adjusts for possession. After all, you don’t have an opportunity to complete a tackle unless your opponent has the ball. Without Opponent Plays we’d be looking at a more basic yet still relevant tackles per minute metric. Team Minutes would usually be 80 for a single game, unless there’s Golden Point.”

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